Summer Scent ~ Japan Day 2013 # Part 1

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Saturday was Japan Day in Düsseldorf - which should celebrate the Japanese community living there, because the biggest community of Japanese people live there. So some of my friends went there and we had a lot of fun. I was testing my new camera and the results are quite satisfying. People dressed themselves in a very creative way such as anime/manga characters, heroes of specific movies or any other character. It was very inspiring and interesting. But this year I did not dress myself to a special theme - I tried to get the vintage look but it is really just a try :).

Yumi and me - "Together we take the world on."

"We are different - Any problems with that ? "
"Sunny sky before rain flowing down."

"Can´t nobody hold us down."

At the Rhein river - Can you see the other side?

- me wearing Kimono -
Takoyaki and Gyoza - Yummy ~


So this was the first part of the pic-spam :) I hope you liked it. In the next part there will be cosplayers and some other stuff. Also pictures of the Rhein, Düsseldorf and our Kimono photo shoot. Seeing the Takoyaki and Gyoza pic  I want to eat it again. So yummy ~ :D 

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  1. Wirklich sehr schöne Fotos:)! Hast echt Potential und Talent! Vielleicht hast du ja mal Lust bei mir vorbeizusehen:)

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    You are really pretty!! xx

    1. Thank you ^///^
      I am very greatful that you are now a follower :D
      And even my first - yaiii :)
      I hope you will enjoy my blog :3

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    Schöne Bilder, sind gut gelungen :)
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    Liebe Grüße, Marley von 'Unbeschwert

  4. Tolle Bilder, erinnert mich ein bisschen an die Hilfiger werbungen ;) Xx

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