Summer Scent #2

20% love

" Into the new world."
Cute cosplayer :3
Little children drumming - so cute :)
" Sweet-poisonous apple."

"Sweetness of family."

Yumi & me 

" A new direction."

Hello there :) This is the second part of the pictures we made at the Japan Day on 25th May. I think I will  post one more part because there are still many beautiful pictures left which I want to share with you all. I hoped you all had a nice day :) Right now I am super happy that we will have a long weekend - 4 days to lazy around. Hoping that the weather is good so I can take new pictures :) Have a nice week ~

min hee


  1. Schöne Fotos! :) Gefallen mir richtig gut!

    Love, Vivien Sophie
    Mein Blog - Alaska

  2. sieht cool aus :) eine freundin von mir war auch da :)